Application process

Application process: When you have read the brochure thoroughly and decided that this is an opportunity that suits you, we will need following: 
  • Application form
  • Dear host family letter 
  • 3-4 smiling photos with children and 1 photo with family 
  • 2 personal recommendation (reference)
  • Passport (all pages, even the empty ones)
  • Resident permit (front and back) if already living abroad (Not applicable for EU resident)
  • International driving license (if applicable)

  • Mandate to Au Pair Amsterdam (Not applicable for EU resident)
  • Agreement between au pair & Au Pair Amsterdam
  • Emergency form
  • Declaration of non-impediment (Not applicable for EU resident)
  • Antecedent certificate (Not applicable for EU resident)
  • Declaration of Intent to Undergo a Tuberculosis Test (1.11 border crossing document = passport & passport number I  please don't forget to fill out 2.1 -2.3) - Only for au pairs who need a visa to enter the Netherlands (Not applicable for EU resident)

  • Certificate of good conduct/police clearance*
  • Proof of single status (Not applicable for EU resident)*
  • School/University certificates/diplomas
  • Medical certificate to be filled in by you and your doctor (Not applicable for EU resident)*
* You can send these documents afterwards.

In addition, you can add a video clip to your application.

Please note that everything must be written in English. 

To register in the Netherlands, you will need a birth certificate, which is:
  • translated in to English
  • legalized by ministry of Foreign Affairs and Legalized by the Dutch embassy or
  • certified with an apostille certificate.
It takes time to translate and legalize the birth certificate. Please start in time.

After we have received your complete application and you have been accepted to the program we will start the process of finding you a suitable host family. When we believe we have found a host family for you, we send them your application. The family then often calls you directly in order to talk to you personally and see if you are interested. If they decide that
they want to invite you, we send you their formal invitation, information on how to apply visa (if necessary), complete information about the host family, contracts from the family and other necessary information. 
All au pairs who find a host family with help of Au pair Amsterdam will have support from Au Pair Amsterdam from the moment there is a match between the au pair and the host family.