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Hoe werkt Au Pair Amsterdam?


Bij Au Pair Amsterdam staat vertrouwen voorop. De bemiddeling en praktische en sociale begeleiding is persoonlijk, zorgvuldig en duidelijk


In goed overleg maken we heldere afspraken tussen het gastgezin en de au pair. Afspraken over vergoedingen, werkuren en huisregels. En dat doen we binnen de wetten en regels van het Nederlandse au pair beleid.



Process For Host Families:


1.     Interview

After an interview at your home you will receive confirmation and registration of your family. Au Pair Amsterdam will write your family profile and help you to make the most of it, ensuring that all of your priorities are reflected. This allows us to introduce you to desirable candidates that fit your family's needs. 


2.     Search for candidate (only for Mediation service)

After your approval we will contact foreign partners to help us find potential au pair candidates that suit your family's needs.


3.     Introduction of candidates to the family

Au Pair Amsterdam will provide suitable au pair profiles for your family to look at. If you become interested in a specific candidate, you will be provided with contact details for that au pair in order to help with your final decision.


4.     Entry Visa

When the match is made, and both parties come to an agreement, Au Pair Amsterdam will send in the application for the au pair's MVV (entry visa). Note: some foreign nationals do not need an MVV.


5.     Support 

We provide support at key moments before, during and after your au pair arrives in the Netherlands. Before, we will make sure all of the required paperwork is completed and all necessary steps are taken for a smooth transition. During the au pair's settling-in period and afterwards,  Au Pair Amsterdam will be available to assist the family and au pair with this new arrangement.  You and your au pair can feel free to contact us at any other time throughout the cultural exchange.


If needed, we can facilitate the required health and liability insurances as well as travel arrangements.


Finally, Au Pair Amsterdam makes it a priority to treat all of our clients' personal information with absolute confidence. You can be at ease during the entire process while we save you time, money and effort! 


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